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Old time style cw, daily style grad school

Old time style: black licorice, water, and cw (morse code).
It makes for a nice evening.

I learned of the nature of opals today. I also ran about on campus and had a nice (unplanned) visit with my advisor. I will be an IA (not AI!) soon. He recommended that I keep my sights set on the challenging fields of ontology and information architecture, rather than the more traditional work. He also said that I would be a good PhD candidate. I don't think that academia is the right world for me, though. It's been a struggle to get through classes. This may be because I want to do all my work well and cannot settle for anything less. The work is rewarding, but tiring. I am tired. But I am also thrilled to be able to complete big projects and help out my fellow students in IT class! Today was the first meeting for the second section, so that was an adventure^^ I did manage to find enough minutes to eat my chicken sandwich and drink the Dr Pepper. I actually really enjoy being TA. It's fun to work on the 'back-end' of things :) I get to deal with all the glitchy problems and nerdy questions!

Also, today someone asked me if my accent was Canadian. Strange. I realize that sometimes I pronounce words oddly and draw out the vowels, but I am not quite sure where this habit comes from. If anything, I should speak with an Asian accent. I do when I say words like "Yes" and "Hnnnn." I often say "ari?" too.

I really want to stay up longer and just enjoy the time; but I know I should get to bed. I have another long day tomorrow.
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