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Creation is sacrifice

(Continuing a thread in the comments of another post...)

To create something is to sacrifice something. Creation is an act of revelation of our deepest heart's inspirations and struggles. We take these deep internal things, manifest them in some form, and present them to the outside.

When we do, others cannot react as we would have hoped. We create for the art of it -- yet they react either in misunderstanding, criticism, or they take the characters and scenes as their own to cherish. All are painful. Sharing our hearts is painful.

So why do we do it?

I think I create because my soul is yearning for someone to understand these deep, hidden things inside. I want them to see and understand and communicate in a way that is closer than any normal human relationship. I want fellowship on a very different level.

Is that why God Created?
Was His goal to have fellowship with us? To express His art and share with us His vision? He did seek to make a way to dwell with His people Israel through the Tabernacle and then sent Immanuel...

I will have to study Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-22 later to find further insight into this.
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