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And I am behind in my coursework already.
This is a bad sign of what is to come!

I did manage to finish the reading that was due today for indexing class. I also attempted to finish tomorrow's decision making reading, but the Flow diagrams and linear equations were too dense to browse through. 'Math, why did it have to be math?' No, actually the math is fun...when I grasp what is going on. I also like playing with the program called Graph. It's fun to solve the Maximizing Profit problems.
But after all this, I didn't even begin the 17 online readings due for HCI tomorrow. It's a good thing that I am in a humorous mood - otherwise, I might just break down and cry!

I need to remember that this will all end soon...very soon.
Not that that idea comforts me, really.

Ha, what am I complaining about? This happens every semester!

On the positive side, I can successfully play through Quasar on Stepmania at 0.8 speed and only miss a few arrows. That is cool. This is Quasar! :)
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