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Mango Italian Ice

Mango Italian Ice.
Foreign language allows us to understand through the filter of simplicity.
When you speak fluently, you speak quickly and unconsciously. It is easy. However, when you struggle to speak a foreign language, each word is chosen with special consideration and effort. Each word contains meaning and power. And sometimes when you translate something obvious, you see the pieces. You can see the actual meaning behind it and finally understand that which you knew all along. It is humbling and thrilling. It's the power of language.

When it comes to big questions, I guess it all comes back to one simple thing: what is it that you love? Seek this. I never would have likened myself to the man in Psalm 1:2, and I still do not think I match the standard. But, when I receive a simple observant comment on it, I stop myself. I want to claim that. I do not meet this standard, but this is what I want. This is what I want.

I want to rave with an excited, hyper-speeding voice about the man Nicodemus, and the woman Jehosheba, and the army of Jerub-Baal. I want to point to maps and explain the path. I want to create semantic spaces and guide the understanding to capture these moments and make them their own. I want to show, to share, to learn. I want to be a woman of Psalm chapter one verse two. How it happens doesn't matter. All that matters is that I know I want it.

That sweet, sick feeling. That good feeling.
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