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Hunters of Dune

Hunters of Dune has some priceless moments with my favorite characters. Sadly, these are few and far between. Though Murbella is also interesting, I want to see more of Thufir, Paul, and Chani! I want to read more, but I am afraid to finish this volume. After that I will either have to order the hardcover of Sandworms of Dune or else wait for that to come out in paperback...

I was also reading Psalms this morning before class. I am almost finished with it. It's interesting to see the attitudes of the poets and the subject of their fear, thankfulness, and meditation. There's some real gems in there. I may be getting next year's key verse from Psalm 119. We will see, though!

Now, I need to get myself in writing mode. I have a midterm paper waiting for me.
Tags: books, schoolwork

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