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The good and the bad and the nostalgic

Hmmm. Lots to say. Lots I dont wanna think 'bout, and lots I have to face.

First of all, I have had a great week on AIM - last week was the 'raad week, but now I have shifted back to AIM for the most part. It is too fun :D:D I must say I am ever so slightly confused now and then, but it is fun - it is also making me hungry for clam chowder!! :P:P
Then, there's my homework, which should be ok. . .uh. I have half of the papers near completion and the other two are just bugs and I dun wanna do 'em.
Then, my friend is having a rough month..and I can't do much of anything since I be here at college. But soon I shall be home to visit. I worry about her a lot..she worries me. ;_;
And it is the last weekend here at Gbg! We even went on a Walmart run at 1 am last night - I no longer like them cause they have no Dune-related-objects! :)
That's the scoop. *shrugs*
I kinda talked my thoughtful side and vented by evil self in my blog, so you can go there to see, but here was the explanation of it all!
Time to figure out the plan of my day - and see when sleepyhead count shall be waking up or getting on AIM...muahahaha.

ttyl, lj!

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