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Illusions and dreams

I have been having a few dreams about illusions and people of illusions lately. It has been rather odd.

Sept 17 -
The first was of a painting. By night, the darkness gave it rich hues and it looked masterful - a portrait of a man and a lute. I kept fussing about how the candles were too close and would melt it... Finally, the people with me opened the curtains and showed me what the picture really looked like. It was not oils, but was scratched on with some kind of dry palette knife or crusty brush. The colors were peach and sickly and there was no lute. I was shaken and frustrated and just wanted to get away from the painting and all the people.
I went off to look for Duncan Idaho.

Oct 10 -
The second dream was of a man creating illusions. He trapped me and my boyfriend (?) in one of his illusions. We were up really high in some kind of narrow building and there was no floor - only our seats kept us from falling. As we sat up there he asked us questions and threatened us. Somehow, the two of us took the chance and fell - thinking we would fall many stories - but since it was only an illusion, we landed easily on the next floor down and ran, ran as hard as we could to get away.
When I got back to my apartment, I found that all the other girls had become ensnared by this man's lies. Some had broken free and some had not, who were continually gushing about how great the man was. The ones like me were trying to convince the others that this man was lying - that he did not love them. My boyfriend came and so did the man and they were going to fight, but the building administrators said that it wasn't allowed. And so, my boyfriend and I rode away on his flying motorcycle vehicle (?!) above the trees and home.
Tags: dreams, questions

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