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Autumn : Dj Doboy vocal edition 22

Today was another long and jam-packed day. I finished it off with three loads of laundry and music to unwind. Just as my legs felt tense and wavering from all the walking these past few days, so my mind/heart feels tense and weak from the exertion.
Music is a good way to relax, so I decided to listen to a mix that matched the color of my mood. Dj Doboy vocal edition 22. It's kind of heavy, but rich, in tone. Kind of like autumn. The song below really struck me tonight - the way the music blows past and then rises again is really quite nice. The mix of Somnambulated is also good.

Falkon & Nebula Feat. Sasja - So Lost

When the seasons near its end
The clouds move over me
And the cold breeze reach my skin
And soon you're out of sight

I'll pretend that I am safe and sound
As if you wrapped me in a lullaby
I'll leave my tears behind
And seize your distant light

I can wait until the day arrive
Where you've found what you've been searching for
And you return to me
Until then I feel so lost
Tags: music, weather, work

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