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I realize I can't stay depressed for too long. I love my family - I was on AIM and Matt sent me digital images of himself and his lovely braces. *shakes head, smiling* I told him to send me more of himself playing Red Faction II ^^. I love that game. They have to run errands first and I have to work.
On the topic of has been bringing up the question of what would happen if Dad went back to school and became a teacher or switched churches. She also has said she might do nursing..But seriously, I didn't know until a few weeks ago that ministers switched churches!! My Dad never has - except the name under which the chuch was called when we changed denominations. I donno. I said it would be too weird and take the rest of their lives to make new connections..too much work for me. But I think my Dad is burned out. He and Mom need a vacation - a long vacation!!
But Matt is just Matt - and I love him!! He and his video games, video game mags, and with all that he still does hw!! Imaging that!!
Tags: family, games, social, work

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