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Ham radio chapter one

I finally got my ham radio license manual!
I have already begun to study up on the basics of amateur radio. Well, not exactly. The first chapter was all an introduction to the uses of amateur radio. It was very relaxing reading as I sat here listening to music after completing my decision making homework.
I have also been generating lots of ideas for my stories. I spent the afternoon break that I had trying to find out whether the average packet ship was a brig, ship, or something else... I still could not find a definitive answer. Most people list the known packet ships as "packet ships" and give me no indication of the rigging or crew... *frustration* There is a place for classification by use and a place for classification by type... Don't blur those facets!

In other news, schoolwork, TA work, and real work are so far so good. I think. I feel very awkward taking all this time to enjoy my radio manual when I probably should be doing something else for one of these... Hopefully I can make it through the end of October and November. Perseverance to the end to receive the prize - my very own call sign and a future relationship with many hams! Is this in any way parallel to the race of faith, the end of which will reward those who overcome with a new name written on a white stone and a relationship with God (Revelation 2:17)?
Tags: books, ham radio, revelation

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