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Progress, for the most part

Schoolwork: Thankfully I am in the midst of a lull in the schedule. I am pretty sure decision making homework is not due until next Wednesday, I have only minor revisions and clean up work to do on my part of the tea thesaurus, and I have no papers due in HCI. I do, however, need to complete a user study before next class. Our term project is redesigning the metro ticket machines! This is very exciting, since the first time I used one I made a mistake and lost $20... I hope to redesign the interaction and interface for better usability! :)

In order to complete my homework, I will be touring the metro tomorrow. I will be observing and interviewing users at a number of metro stops. Then, as a treat to myself, I will stop by the natural history museum and look at the bones and stones! I am so excited that I won't be able to sleep.

Work: My job is off to a nice start. I fixed a number of errors (12 pages of them) and will be moving on to work on a new set of terms. I also have a ton of past documentation about the project to read. This will keep me busy. Perhaps too busy. Maybe I should have signed up for more hours...

Bible study: I had to postpone our meeting since I was working on those error messages today. Tomorrow, we will be studying John 18. We move from prayer into the Crucifixion. It will be intense study (not that it hasn't been before!) I am wondering if we will finish John by the time I graduate? It's already been 13 months and we are only on chapter 18! I love UBF's Bible studies.

Calendar: It is beginning to feel more like fall is really here to stay. It's been drizzling for two straight days and it is cool and breezy outside. The leaves are sunken on the bottom of puddles and it is beautiful. I wish I could spend more time sitting outside to enjoy it.

Writing: I have been poking at my story more this week. When I saw the news about NaNoWriMo, I had a deep urge to join. I am too busy at the moment, though. Maybe next year?

Radio: I got up to the diagrams in chapter two, but have been too busy to get any farther.
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