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Sample schedule

Current progress
795: on schedule, for the most part
705: on schedule, but wondering the I can complete the next assignment on the mac version of Excel
775: a few weeks behind (but this is ok, because we were ahead of schedule)
690 0101: a week behind in grading
690 0201: on schedule, with a few exceptions
job: progressing at a rate of about 2 hrs/day
UBF: message draft complete for Thursday morning
Supplies: printing paper and folders purchased
Story: progressing inch by inch every so often

Tomorrow's schedule
5.30am-7.00am: EMPM
9.00am-11.00am: grading of midterms with professor
11.30am-12.30pm: meeting with two students
1.00pm-4.00pm: class
6.00pm-9.00pm: class
9.00pm-10.00pm: catch up with emails for work, class, TA

To do list
1. study for ham radio license
2. join ARRL
3. thank offering
4. buy a mac (someday). yes, that's right.
5. continue working on stories
6. study new books of the Bible (minor prophets and Isaiah, maybe?)
7. eat cheesecake
8. find missing dj doboy cover
9. buy Microsoft office 2007 for the laptop for my job
10. drink hot chocolate!
Tags: daily, schoolwork, work

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