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Interesting people and plans

I was surprised by a lot of interesting things today!

Greg, a member of the Tea Thesaurus Team, also loves Iceland. Finally! I meet someone who feels the same way I do about this amazing country.
Jen, also a member of the Tea Thesaurus Team, used Photoshop for a number of years as she worked on magazine/journal projects. That sounds fun! The more we chat in between classes, the more we find that we have in common!
Joe, a member of the database project last spring, is planning to hike the Appalachian Trail after graduation. He plans to do the entire trail, taking along only what supplies he needs. Now that is pretty impressive.
Rhett, the other McCarty studying at CLIS, is a talented bargainer. We did a negotiation exercise in class and I lost both times! Not that that surprised me in any way. Hopefully since a year has passed, this poor fellow has forgotten how I embarrassed myself at orientation by exclaiming, "I am also a McCarty!"

I picked up my graduation cap and gown today. I would be excited if I weren't so tired!
As for now - tea and bed!

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