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Crazy schedule

The highlight of my day: Coconut milk bubble tea (x2)!!

The ridiculously busy week I had.
Plans for next week.


Monday 11/5/07
10-12 mailed letters, deposited paycheck
12-1 Bible study
1-3 705 homework in the lab
3-4 meeting with professor
5-6 worked on prototype
7-10 attended concert on campus

Tuesday 11/6/07
5:30-7 EMPM
2-5 775 class
6-9 grading homework 4

Wednesday 11/7/07
5:30-7 EMPM
7-12 fix prototypes, submit homework, pick up graduation gown
1-4 795 class
4-5 answered email
6-9 705 class
9-10 ate dinner

Thursday 11/8/07 (felt kind of slow)
10-11:30 Bible study
12-1 graded 690 homework 4
1-3 out to lunch
3-5 graded more homework for 690
6-9:30 out to dinner

Friday 11/9/07 (felt sick, slept in)
5:30-11 slept through EMPM
afternoon spent working at my real job
7-8 meeting with student
8-10 online emailing, work on testimony

Saturday 11/10/07 (felt lousy, slept in again)
5:30-11 slept through EMPM again
1-3 work for my real job
3:20-5:30 meeting with tea team
6-10 grading 690 midterms
10-11 getting myself in order

Sunday 11/11/07
9:30-10:30 finish testimony
11-2 church
2-5 work for company
6-10 my homework - I haven't had time to do any of it yet this week!

Monday 11/12/07
12-1 Bible study
1-4 [homework time! 705 homework]
4:30-5 meeting with a student
5:30-8:15 TA class lab for 690

Tuesday 11/13/07
5:30-7 EMPM
2-5 775 class
[evening homework time! prototype time!]

Wednesday 11/14/07
5:30-7 EMPM
1-4 795 class
5-9 705 field trip

Thursday 11/15/07
10-11:30 Bible study
Tags: courses, food, work

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