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Thursday 木曜日

Today I had Bible study, met my advisor, enjoyed a tasty egg-salad sandwich on honey wheat bread with a side of banana chips, worked on some homework, participated in my first conference call with my company's team, and emailed the students their homework 4 grades. It started at 9:30am and is ending here at 11:30pm.

It was dark and rainy outside all day. Actually, it was really pretty. It's somehow stunning to see a line of colorful leaves backed by a dark and heavy rolling sky.
Also, the wet environment makes the tree (木) bark really dark colored so the yellow, orange, and fire red leaves really stand out. I was admiring them on the walk back from campus today. So beautiful. I didn't mind the wet air.

I am starting to doodle for the first time that I can remember. I have always been the type who wanted to draw perfect, recognizable, real things. Now I am exploring the world of doodling. It's fun! I have always loved the concept of 'line'.

Today's fun:

A sketch of "scent" and "earth."

Concept map of Μεγαν.
Tags: art, creation, info arch, pictures, schoolwork, work

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