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Two dreams

I had two more strange dreams last night/this morning.

In the first dream, I heard that Jesus was traveling about the towns and teaching. And today, he was coming to teach at our early morning prayer service. I was very excited and all the way there I kept thinking of things to ask him. I didn't have anything in mind, I just wanted to get some kind of direct response. By the time I arrived, though, I still had thought of nothing. This didn't matter once we began, however. As we read the passage, I felt the clearest sense of understanding. It was quiet as we all read silently and there was this odd sense of peace about the setting. Just as we finished reading the passage and the message was about to begin, my 5:00am alarm went off.
I was a little confused as I lay in bed trying to recall the dream. What was the passage? What did things look like? All I can remember is that the study was full of "grace and truth" and that in the future I need to go back to Zechariah 2:10 and 9:9. Also, the book of Ruth. Also the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

After early morning prayer, I caught another two hours of sleep. Just enough to have a very odd dream.

There was a physics student in college - he was the main character of this dream. One of the faculty, a woman, was showing him some of the more sophisticated equipment in the underground labs. They were working on a very special project and the student was very satisfied with his successful work.
As the woman was showing him these things, however, he came to see that the intended purpose of his professors was not what he thought... He grew rather uncomfortable, wondering what exactly was going on. Finally, they reached a chamber deep in the underground with cement floors and walls and a smaller, central cement chamber. There, a few professors and people were gathered. At that time, the woman and another man revealed that the physics project was being used to create some kind of nuclear weapon.
The student was horrified (remind you of Sokolov?), but had nowhere to turn. Then, in addition, the people informed him that they planned to detonate this explosive very shortly and be at the center of the blast to die in a flame of glory. At this, the student wandered about the concrete chamber groaning and lamenting his fate.
Somehow, though, as the rest were cheering and congratulating themselves, the student found a way out.
And he ran.
He ran as fast as his body would go. As he did, he passed by campus students and visitors. Knowing their peril, he paused to warn them and urge them to flee. Many of them did and they made their way away from the site. The student kept running intensely fast. Down the sidewalk, through a building, past his dorm room. He wanted to go into his room to get something, some kind of computer processor that was able to do something, but he saw a guard there and the guard began to stand up, alert, as he paused in the hall. Instead, a friend of the student's volunteered to go and retrieve the processor. But as he came out from the room he was confronted by the guard and was stuck. He nodded that his friend go on. And so he did. Around the corner, down a wet sidewalk... My cousin said this movie was really exciting. Huh? This is a movie? Helicopters flew low to carry water to the scene and the student tripped in his steps as he tried to avoid the low helicopter blades. Wait, nothing has exploded yet.
That is when the explosion erupted. A great plume of golden fire and power burst into the air and engulfed the nearby buildings in flame. There was no smoke - just a deep orange glow.
That's when I woke up and saw my clock: 9:30am. I had only been asleep about an hour and a half.
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