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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all you Americans celebrating the holiday have a nice time. I know I will! I don't have time to go home this year, but my parents, brother (who finished his first trimester of college), and my grandparents are all coming to spend the day with me :)

I have so many things to be thankful for this year that it feels like my basket of blessings is overflowing. God is good.
1. I survived some intense courses, 2. stayed in good health, 3. studied the Bible deeply and sincerely, 4. got my very first real job, 5. was able to work with some great people for my projects, 6. got a ton of tutoring and TA work completed even when I didn't know how, 7. was able to go to the museum of natural history and begin a rock collection, 8. am a child of God!, 9. discovered bubble tea, 10. received the position as TA that helped paid for my tuition this year, 11. will soon be purchasing a laptop, and 12. though I didn't have time to cook much of anything this semester I was provided with the time, money, and kindness to always stay fed. Wow!
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