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Oxymoron-ical Stuff

Hmm, the many oxymorons of my life include:
-Why is it I love both sea and desert?
-I hate being bogged down by the past, yet I am a pack rat^^
-I love beauty, but I really dont care too much about what I am wearing. .
-I love being creative, but when I finish something artistic (like a web layout or redecorating my room) I can't bear to change it!
-I have a ton of stuffed animals, but only ever want more!!!
-I dont like puzzles, but the Zelda games are some of my favorites!
-I don't like calling people on the phone, but once I get talking I can talk for hours!!!

and then
I am a Japanese major even though I am not the best at languages (as seen in my year in Croatia) o.O
Tags: aspergers, language, me, stuffed animals, video games
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