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I am so exhausted today. I was ready for bed at 8pm.
It's been a long month, a long year, a long education.

The last dash includes
705 (Decision making) - the final homework is complete as of 12 noon today! 80 pages of our small textbook remain to be read.
795 (HCI) - the final presentation needs to be assembled, produced in PowerPoint, and presented next Wednesday.
775 (Thesauri/Taxonomies) - the final edits must be made, indexing experiments completed, introduction written, conceptual schema assembled, final reflection paper pondered and written, final exam studied for and taken, along with other clean up work. A lot to do yet, but there is until Dec 18.

TA work is slowing down, but it continues, too. I have the final homework grades to email out and meetings about the final project to set up.

My job is going smoothly, I believe. I hope I am working at a fast enough pace!
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