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Long time no see - and I miss you lj!

I have been so busy (and busy being lazy^^) that any news has been posted at my website. But I got Dune the Mini today, got my job yesterday, and tomorrow I wanna. . . hmm. What should I do? Watch more Dune, read Dune, draw Dune or look at manga? :D
Yeah, I hate waking up late and feeling lazy, but ll I wanted to do these last few days is sleep.
Also, I love spending time hanging out with my family in the living room - but I also wanna be online. . .these things tend to conflict, of course.

Oh, more good news: I found REAL YOGURT! nonflavored, nonadapted natural wonderful sour yogurt!!!!! :P I was so happy^^

Oh, I should call Fuji san too. Yarg.

Jinx on Meg while talking to Aaronsan! But I DID find a four leaf clover while mowing the lawn yesterday! lol

oh my, well, time to end another entry and post again another day :) oh, in ten mins it shall BE another day! ^_^ I love life!

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