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Mineral Hierarchy

In trying to learn about rocks and minerals, I am hitting a barrier to my sense-making.
I can find bits and pieces of the knowledge domain - a long alphabetical list here, some encyclopedia entries there, part of a classification from the 1920's elsewhere, and some amazing databases with powerful search capabilities. But I am having trouble finding a simple, hierarchical structure of minerals that lays out the knowledge of the Mineralogy domain in one space. If it exists, I guess I will just have to keep looking. Of it doesn't exist...then I have work to do in pulling together these sources and building some taxonomies! That is very exciting... I almost hope nobody has done it already. At the same time...I don't know a thing about minerals! Just yesterday I found out that agate is a chalcedony. Whoops. How can I learn these things if I need to gather the information piece by piece as I go berry-picking?

Knowledge domain?

I think I am beginning to sound like a librarian... :)
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