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Conclusions and more minerals

-795 final presentations from 1:00-4:30pm... 45 minutes overtime!
-final 705 class from 6:00-9:00pm... in the same classroom!

-afternoon work on the taxonomy for my company (music: Of Snowdonia)
-evening TA work converting DIV IDs to TABLES (music: Visual Audio Sensory Theater)

I am done with 2/3 of my classes! :D Praise God!
From now on, I will be working an additional 3 hours a week for my company and beginning practice for the Christmas play. I also need to finish all my work for 775 (and there is a lot of it...) I would be excited, but I just want to sleep.

As far as minerals go, I found a pretty complete version of Dana's classification (8th edition), but the online presentation format I found does not help me very much. Also I do not think they include the varieties of each main mineral. I still want to compile a classification for my own use.

I am considering buying this smoky quartz and garnet sample. Garnet is my birthstone and smoky quartz is one of my favorite minerals.
I would love to own this gorgeous smoky quartz piece. It's so beautiful... If only there were not so many college loans to pay off! Well, maybe I can save up my Christmas money...that is, if nobody else buys it first!!
Tags: art, courses, creation, work

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