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I am still innocent in mind^^

I have come to another conclusion. I do not have any interest in anything to do with romance/guys etc. And anything even half dirty like that simply upsets me, like that chapter in the Japan 150 book we had to read about picking up girls and other things like that - but manga (as long as it is fairly non-too showing-hentai) is okok. Gimme violence, but keep yer pics of guys. The real world holds nothing for me! I never want a boyfriend. Sometimes I get lonely, but when Chritie told me I would one day after leaving the second Mummy showing Sunday night, I thought to myself - NO! NO! I really just do not want a guy at all. Instead of being even half interesting it completely turns me off. I may be in love with violence but not anything to do with real love-y stuff at all. It upsets me. I will retain the little innocence I have and stick to images of Kamui's bleeding in his school uniforms and one-eyed Subaru wandering around Sakurazukamori gardens daydreaming...that is all I want or need. And I will stay the little lonely independantly dependant Aquarius I am. Love is not for me, unless it is a simple and pure obsession with manga/anime/The Mummy/Red Faction II/Zelda/ or something else. Yay for Megan! She is still only a miserably depressed child, but she is still a little pure!!

And Audrey is hard at work on SSN stuff - thanks for the Gravitation files - yay!
Wish me luck when I get my first failed exam back tomorrow at 8 a.m. And in my Japanese Oral Exam. Huroshiki arimasu ka
Tags: aromantic, aspergers, daydreams, depression, injury, love, schoolwork

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