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Tuesday, the phone call and Brazilian dining

Yesterday was an exciting day. I have two stories to share.

The Phone Call.
I was sitting in my last lecture (for all time XD) when my cell phone started vibrating. Bzz bzz. I grabbed it quick and went to quiet it, but before doing so I happened to check to see who was calling at such a time. On the display was the name of the professor who was giving the lecture. I looked up at the professor, down at the phone, and blinked. "My professor can transcend time and space to call me from his phone while simultaneously lecturing!?" I thought.
During break, I whipped out the phone and checked the voicemail. As it turns out, it was one of the office staff reminding me about graduation. So apparently that time my professor called me, he did so from the Student Services office and not his own office. I was relieved, but also a little disappointed. "You mean my professor is not really the Kwisatz Haderach?"

Brazilian restaurant
Yesterday was the annual Search the Scriptures dinner. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse and it was amazing. The interior of the place was this sleek sepia and gold color scheme with neat light fixtures. I had a nice view of the wine storage room, which was encased in glass and had a rolling ladder like the old libraries do sometimes. When you are ready for food, you flip a little card from the red side to the green and suddenly men come running from all directions with fancy cuts of meat and offer you some. When you have enough, you flip the card to red so you can eat the food you have. They keep serving until you can't eat anymore. Before going, I thought that I knew what fine food was but I was wrong. The food was so rich that it literally threw my stomach into culture shock mode. It was great :) I could get spoiled by places like that...
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