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Crazy days....

The days are so hectic!
Among the good news: soon I can rest. I finally got my membership number and will thus be able to purchase my macbook. Chatting with Robert is nice. I have 70% cacao dark chocolate. The electricity is back. I am not sick. :D

Wednesday Dec 12
Worked on 775 papers and project
Worked for my job
Did laundry

Thursday Dec 13
Worked for my job
Conference call for work
Memorized drama lines

Friday Dec 14
Bible study and lunch 10-2
Worked on 775 papers and project
Prayer meeting and drama practice from 6:30-11

Saturday Dec 15
Drama practice 11-2
775 final exam practice 2-5
Dinner out 5-6
Work for my company 6-10

Sunday Dec 16
Christmas Service 11-3
Work for company
775 work

Monday Dec 17
photo shoot meeting 10-11
lunch 11-12
work on 775 papers 12-6
grading one section of 690 finals 6-8
meeting with classmates online 8-9
printing and grading of final exams for 670 9-now
editing papers for 775 now-?

Tuesday Dec 18
my final exam for 775 1-4
grading 690 finals with professor 4-6
grading of finals for other section 6-8

Wednesday Dec 19
family arrives
I graduate (campus-wide ceremony) 7-9

Thursday Dec 20
I graduate again (departmental ceremony) 9-11
lunch with Livingstones 12-1
packing 1-3
moving home 3-7

Friday Dec 21
work all day for my company
conference call with my company
family goes to pick up brother at college

Saturday Dec 22
work for company
chat with brother about nerd stuff

Sunday Dec 23
church at home!

Monday Dec 24
Christmas Eve Service!

Tuesday Dec 25
Christmas :3
Tags: courses, holiday, technology, work

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