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After Christmas update

Things the past week have been a bit wild, but nice :)

Last Wednesday, my family came to graduation. As they drove, the window of my grandparent's car started to slowly lower...until it finally went down all the way. They managed to temporarily fix it with plastic and duct tape. The ceremonies themselves went fine. We have lots of pictures. Everybody from church came to wish me the best and gave me lots of presents - they are so thoughtful :D Since one ceremony was Wed night 7-10 and the next was Thursday morning 9-10:30, we didn't get much time in between to recover. And then, as soon as we finished Thursday, we started packing. It took us all afternoon to disassemble my room and fit it into the cars. We managed it, though! We pulled into the driveway after 11pm that night, exhausted and relieved.

In between
The next day, my family drove up to Rochester, NY to pick up my brother. I stayed at home to work for my company. Saturday we all slept in, and then cleaned the house. Sunday we had church and then caroled in the evening, finishing with dinner at the church all together. Monday was Christmas eve, and involved furious cleaning, stocking presents, and the beautiful Christmas Eve service. We had so many people come - it was wonderful :) Also, my laptop arrived on Monday - hooray!

Christmas this year was rather exciting. We celebrated at home like usual with my family and grandparents, ate the big Christmas lunch, then drove to Gettysburg, ate a big Christmas dinner with my mom's mother and my mom's sister's family (who I haven't seen in maybe 7 years), exchanged presents, watched my cousin's wedding video, and then drove home at 10pm. It was a full day! I plan to do a photo post one of these days... I got lots of great things for Christmas - Delerium's Karma CD, a nice computer chair, a Vast CD and Sophocles' plays from Claire (^_^), and many more things. Again, in the photo post I will fill in the detail.

Since Christmas
Since Christmas we have been recuperating, I've worked some, been trying to find someone else to sublease my apartment, playing a silly ice hockey video game my brother got for Christmas, transferring my CDs to my mackbook, and many other such things. As for now, I have to squeeze in work before a chiropractic appointment and an evening with a couple from church. Off I go!
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