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God's work, minerals, stories, Star Wars

This past weekend, I attended the UBF winter conference. We studied the book of Ezra and heard a number of presentations on Biblical people. I presented on Mary. From the conference, I really saw how graceful God is. He works amazing wonders through his servants - he freed a nation, he later saved that nation through the courage of a single woman, he revealed the meaning of visions and dreams to a prisoner and to an exile, and he manifested his Son through a human birth. So many amazing things have been done through humble and beautiful people by the grace and power of God! I also want to be used as an instrument of righteousness, and I am seeking to learn how God can use me. His people today are used in so many different ways.

On Monday, my family took a quick trip to the Natural History Museum in DC and we saw countless beautiful things. Majestic white rams standing proudly on the heights, wise muad'dib on the sands, the shapes and curves of shells of a million sorts, the unique plan of dinosaur bones, each fit for his form, stones of crystal, of needles, of pillars, of stars. So many forms, so many colors, so many. The art and beauty of it all is simply overwhelming. Ah, my heart is that of an artist!

Also this weekend, we finalized the subleasing of my apartment. Thank-God that it worked out. That was quite an experience. I think all will work out well, though. I hope my room's new resident enjoys it there!

The other fun event of the weekend was watching the Star Wars trilogy (Episode IV, V, VI)! I love those movies but I have never watched all three in a row before. It was great! The characters are so much fun. Afterwards, I was thinking on how interesting an apprentice Dev would have made. His skills in comforting and communication were really quite strong, but he would have had to overcome his great enemy: fear. I think it would have been fascinating, but alas, there is no such character development possible.

This kind of thinking got me eager to poke some at my stories. Truthfully, they are only sketches in text. Still, they are rather fun and maybe I will flesh them out...someday!
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