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Sunday afternoon

I'm sitting here on the blue sofa next to the heater which is defending us from the 18 degree temperatures outside. It is getting colder these days! Canada, can't you keep that cold air up there?

This past week was rather productive. I finally updated the websites for my home church, New Hope and the Maryland Bible study, Search The Scriptures. Also, I worked a little for my company and sat in on a conference call to catch up on all the news. Finally, I finished reading the book of Luke for Sunday's study. To tell the truth, I didn't really read it. My family listened to it being read by James Earl Jones. I must say, it is very fun to hear Darth Vader reading the New Testament :D

Today's message was really fun. Dad pulled up a desk and stool in front of the congregation and sitting down, he began to write. As he wrote, he spoke, and his sermon was in the form of a letter from Theophilus to Luke, the Gospel writer. It's online (in streaming audio with no ADs) if you are curious.

Today I also began another project, one that was inspired by the winter UBF conference. There, one of the speakers described how he had taken the time this past year to memorize whole chapters of the Bible, one per week. He now has memorized the Gospel of Luke and is halfway through Hebrews. In the past, I memorized the first three or four Psalms, and though I cannot recite them on the spot, phrases from them do come to mind more than I would have expected. Since thinking about all of this, I felt it laid on my heart that I should attempt to memorize the Gospel of Mark. This is the shortest of the Gospels and it is the one that I did not have time to read for my church's studies. This afternoon I started memorizing it, and I have already reached verse 9. It's quite fun and I have a feeling that it will be a very good experience in terms of discipline, learning, and understanding. I'm excited!

In other Bible study news, our Wednesday studies of the parables are going nicely. We all gather in the house of a couple from church, drinking tea, studying the passage, singing songs and praying. Finally, we wrap it up by chatting and joking around for an hour afterwards while snacking on homemade goodies. It's a really nice time and we have been tackling some challenging passages. This week we will look at the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Then, next week, we will begin Wednesday morning Bible study. We will be looking at the women of the Bible. I also have that Hebrews study to complete... There is a lot to do!

The only other thing that I have done so far today is work on concept maps. I had a sketch that I drew up in a clean form and, surprisingly, I am rather satisfied with it. Hopefully I can upload it and some other idea maps in the near future. They are so fun to make and also very informative.

I did spend some time this past week job searching. There are so many directions that I could take, it sometimes feels overwhelming. The biggest decision I need to make is whether I want to pursue a position in a traditional academic library (cataloging/metadata) or whether I want to stay with information architecture and seek more consultant work with various companies and organizations in the areas of taxonomy development, interaction design, and usability. It's a hard decision for me.

As for today, though, I'll be off to spend the evening with my grandparents watching football games and catching up on news. I'm not a big football fan, but when we do sit down to watch it, it's rather entertaining! Plus, there will be snacks and soda, which is a treat. I hope everyone else has a fun Sunday evening, too!
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