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These passing days

Yesterday I was out of the house nearly all day. My mother, a woman from church, and I went to the library to find books, then to lunch, and finally to a thrift store. After this, I updated my resume and considered applying for a full-time job. At 6:30, we went out to dinner with another couple. It was a very pleasant evening and we had interesting discussion. The food was also tasty - I was able to order the pasta with spinach & mozzarella that I had been craving. Tonight, then, I convinced my mom that we should make meatloaf. We haven't cooked any in a long time! I was over at the chiropractor earlier, but my neck still feels a bit achy. It has felt this way for a day or two now, and it is hard to tell whether it is because the bones are out of joint or whether the muscles are just too tense... In addition to all this, there was also laundry, taxonomy work, cooking, and more to do. Tonight we have Bible study and tomorrow we go out of town for an appointment.

With all this running about, it is no wonder that I can't keep my head on straight!
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