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Afternoon of January Twenty-ninth

I want to start with a prayer request for those of you who pray. Seven years ago I lived in Croatia with a host family - a mother and her daughter, who was my age. I just got news yesterday that my host sister was in a terrible car accident and passed away this past weekend. Her family and friends are all in shock, including me. My family is just asking for as much prayer support for her family as possible.
We appreciate it.

The days continue to rush by here for me.
Yesterday was my birthday, which I spent visiting my old boss at the museum where I used to work. We also tried cooking our sesame chicken with water chestnuts - which made it taste really good. Dad got me cream-filled donuts, which were delicious, too. The teaberry ice cream is still at my grandparents house... Today my mother and I tore all the books off the tall living room bookshelf and cleaned away the dust. Much of the dust is still stuck to my clothes, but I am too lazy to change. We then rearranged the books into a logical order - I felt quite like a librarian. It took us nearly all afternoon to do that and sweep and clean the living room. Tonight we have a church social committee meeting and tomorrow we have two Bible studies. I'm looking forward to the Bible studies.
The days are so crazy. There is so much more I need to get done and so much time that I spend on useless things - like TV. I would love to get rid of the TV here, but my family does enjoy a few programs. Still, we get caught up in random things and before I know it, the day is gone. There is so much more that I would rather do: telegraph, shorthand, research, writing, reading, praying, Bible study, correspondence, cooking, walking, visiting museums... I'll just have to get started doing some of these - after the rest of the house gets cleaned.
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