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Seven-card pinochle Fridays

I have been learning the fine art of seven-card pinochle. It is quite a tricky little game. I've never really been a very good card player when it comes to the old, traditional games. I'm learning through observation, though. My family goes to visit a couple from the church every Friday night and they play two or three hands of pinochle each visit. The goal is that hopefully I can learn how to play in time for my brother's return from college so we can play with six players. I doubt I will be ready in time, though. I just about have meld down, but the throwing in of cards goes too quick for me! I see a King of spades, then a queen of hearts, and by the time I remember that hearts is trump, the hand is all in and taken. ...? It's fun :) I think it will all sink in with further observation. Now I just have to get straight what pinochle is: queen of spades and jack of diamonds.

We are continuing to clean the house. Today, after doing laundry and cutting up all the ingredients for beef stew, we cleaned out the refrigerator. It looks a lot better now! We have a lot of glass bottles for recycling since we finished that chore.

It's another busy semester for my brother and I feel very sympathetic. I know how it feels to be stuck with impossible coding missions! The whole family is praying for him and we just sent him a package of goodies for encouragement. We included a card that I decorated with copious amounts of ridiculous stickers - Ben Kenobi, Lisa Frank animals, cats, samurai, and multi-colored stars. I hope he was as amused as I was!

Work seems to be picking up these days. We are working out the kinks in the prototype and working to streamline our workflow. I am really hoping this project turns out well! I am getting really excited about it.

Oddly, I have been dreaming a lot lately. Normally, I only dream a few days every month, but for the past two weeks I have been having many memorable dreams. They are quite exciting, too. Last night I was tracking down a pair of murderers through a snowy forest with the sheriff and some others. When we were almost caught, two of my companions disguised themselves as a 1920's poster, frozen in motion. It was neat, but a little unrealistic.

Finally, I have been working on an old story of mine. It's no where near a clean draft form, but it is 80 pages so far. It's fun work and I enjoy toying with the various scenes and elements. This is the first time that I have put all of the pieces of that story together into one single file, and it is coming together rather neatly. Some of the characters are developing in interesting ways, too. I am not looking to complete it any time soon, but it is fun.
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