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It is now official: I hate kazaa. and I could get fired for simply working hard too?! (Since some beauracat doesn't wanna sign my paperwork for the Slifer House internship.) YARG! >.<

I am kinda ticked.

I was happy - I made a fire and enjoyed watching the flames dance and burn and glow - and I was also loving owning the hose and spraying the smoke :D Fire and water and smoke and a summer PA evening. nice.. and I even drew and colored me and Aaron in kimono! so, LOOKED like a promising day. I guess it was. Just not for me online or at work. grrrrr...

*Megan beats head on computer*
I am steaming..grr. Must type to calm myself down. It's only MIDNIGHT!and on a FRIDAY NIGHT!!?!?!??! yarg. what is WRONG with me!?

~_~ Yes. Well, feel free to stop in at my website and check out my two entries from yesterday, as they are more informative than this. Sorries.
Tags: anger, creation

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