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More on Inuit language, weekend retreat

My interest in Inuktitut has greatly increased since I have found it a challenge to research. The language is endangered and language resources are not easy to come by. Rather than wanting to give up, all of this has made me want to learn more! I suppose that is the stubborn side of me. But if a territory has a narwhal on it's flag, a beautiful writing script, and a unique cultural heritage, how could I not be interested?

Translated: Who are you? I am Megan (mi-ga-n) (Source:

In other news, I'll be attending a retreat this weekend with the Bible study group from campus. I'm looking forward to it! The itinerary includes bowling, board games, a DVD and discussion, Sunday worship, and much more. Also, my family will be spending the early part of tomorrow at my grandmother's house visiting, which will be lots of fun. I can't wait!

As for today, mom and I were busy with ionic foot baths. She got a machine that cleanses the body of toxins through the feet. You put your feet in a tub of water along with an array, which is connected to a small machine. The machine produces a weak electric current that goes through the water and the body and pulls out toxins through the bottom of the feet. After a half an hour, the water turns colors, usually a dark yucky color from all the toxins. I'd be afraid of such a thing, but my mom is a nurse, so I trust her judgment. Also, my brother and I had the process done by a professional and we didn't die, so I guess that's evidence enough for me! (It tingled a tiny bit, but hardly enough to notice.) I've had it done probably five times by now and I find that it has really cleared up my acne. My grandmother says it is helping her fibromyalgia. I am still not sure if I believe it 100%, but I am curious to see how things go with more treatments. So today I spent the afternoon helping mom run it on herself and then organized our notes and photos from past runs of the machine. I grouped the photos according to the person and then did a secondary sort by date. Maybe I was meant to be a librarian... :)
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