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Views of Nature

This week, I have been working long hours for the internet company. I've been organizing data form over 150 documents into a spreadsheet form. I just finished a short while ago, and plan to rest and read for a while on the sofa.

Today we drove to Hershey for a doctor's appointment. The trip took us along the river (the Susquehanna River), which was covered in packs of ice. On my right was the icy river, full and shining. On my left was the sharp rock of mountains dripping with snow-crowned icicles. It was beautiful. On the way back, I saw a group of 5 or 6 deer standing on the top of the rock eating grass that had emerged from under the snow. Then, the sun set rosy pink colored out the window of Arby's restaurant. It was really a gorgeous day. I love Pennsylvania.

The final highlight of the day: my first Reeces Pieces Sundae in two years! It has been far too long...
Tags: creation, food, scene, work

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