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Flu treatment, trip, and recommendation

My brother has been terribly ill with the flu. His head and body have been aching for two days and he had quite a bit of congestion. Yesterday he was in so much pain that even the shower made him feel horrible pain. But since he lives three hours north in Rochester, NY, we didn't know what we could do besides give him advice for what vitamins to take. He got so bad yesterday that my mother (a nurse) decided to drive up to deliver him some flu medication and take care of him for a day. I went along, too.

Matt looked pretty bad when we arrived. His body still ached and he was weak and shaky with a fever. We gave him a hamburger for lunch and that seemed to go down well. Then we detoxed him with the foot bath that I wrote about before and gave him a dose of Oscillococcinum. After this, he rested for about an hour and then started to brighten up. We kept giving him fluids - vitamin water for hydration and pepsi to cut the congestion. Also, we gave him some crackers and an Asian pear, which gave him a bit of strength. By dinner time, he could sit up, hold a clear conversation and eat a sandwich. He seems much better - we hope that tonight he will be able to sleep and feel much better tomorrow!

The Oscillococcinum is really a good medication for the flu. Years ago our chiropractor recommended it to us and it worked wonderfully! Now again, it seems to be working quite well for my brother. If anyone happens to catch the flu, I recommend they consider it as a treatment. I think one needs to be careful of the dosage, but the box and site explain this. The site for it is here:
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