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Ham radio!

Last night was my first ham radio (amateur radio) meeting. It was great!
We had a group of about 12 people, all of whom were hams except myself and the visitor, a representative from the Red Cross. Since it was the first meeting of the year, they first voted in new officers. Then, they described in detail the way that they provide communications services when there is an emergency and other channels of communication go down. Then, the Red Cross representative explained how her organization works in times of disaster. They hope to strengthen communication between the two organizations for better disaster response. I would also like to be a part of the ARES/RACES team to help when communications go down. I also want to learn CW (international morse code) and tap away at the key!

The hams are all very friendly. They welcomed me to the group and are eager to help me practice and take my license exam! I feel rather motivated study my radio licensing manual... :) As for now, though, my family is off to read I Corinthians for church this Sunday.
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