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Radio and cottage cheese

The days have been full of radio manual study and cottage cheese with apple butter. Delicious days! Since getting past the chapters on physics and equipment, the reading is going much quicker. I should be near the end of the radio manual soon. Then, it will just be a matter of writing out notes, taking practice exams, and setting the date for my exam. I am getting excited!

Lately I've also been trying to find ways to get more involved at my home congregation besides the web page; and I think I found one. Since reorganizing the church library, I'll be setting up a small display every two weeks that will highlight different books and resources. Some are reference books with detailed maps and historical information, while others offer advice on topics like Bible study and journaling/meditation. I hope it will be helpful and fun for everyone! We will start this week.

Tomorrow my brother finishes his last two finals, so we will drive up to Rochester to get him. He only has ten days off before his next semester begins, so we will have to make the most of it!
Tags: bible study, books, food, ham radio

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