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Worship in spirit and truth

I have a question for my Torah-Observant friends.

I was wondering what your worship is like? I've worshiped with many brothers and sisters in various settings. Some worship with classic hymns, others with new praise songs. In some churches only one person offers prayer, while in another many different people will offer prayers throughout the service. To study, some meet 1-on-1 with a Bible teacher while in other places a small group will meet in a couple's home to study together. In some churches, one person reads the passage, while others read it responsively or all together. There are so many beautiful ways to worship YHWH in spirit and in truth, and I was just curious what your worship services and celebrations are like. I would be eager to visit a Messianic congregation, but I am not sure if there are any in my area - we live out in the country of PA!
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