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Auction in the country and radio in the city

Yesterday I had the chance to attend an auction in New Columbia. It's been a couple of years since I had been to one, so it was pretty interesting! The auctioneer was very good. His voice and speed were really incredible - it was fun just listening to him and watching the people bid. We picked up a pair of nice lamps and two small luggage cases.

The property was rather muddy from all the rain the night before, but it was sunny and warming up by the time I got there. Today I found out that the house across the street was owned by my grandmother's grandparents - I had no idea! There are still a few cows grazing on that land. (The brown and white fuzzy kind of cows!) It is a nice area and I caught myself imagining what it would be like if I were to bid on the property and settle down there myself. At the moment, though, I have college loans and a wide future ahead, so I am in no rush to find my own place. It is nice to be home, too!

After the sale on Saturday afternoon, I finally got confirmation on a question with work, so I could start my 10 hours for the week (or weekend, rather). Somehow, in between the sale, church, and a visit with my grandparents, the 10 hours of work got finished! My eyes are pretty tired. They will have tomorrow to rest, though.

I plan to take tomorrow off from work and spend some time on ham radio stuff. I'll have my second meeting Tuesday. It's pretty exciting, since I knew barely anything at my first meeting last month. Since then, I've read the manual twice and written notes on all the chapters (except the last one). I just need to review the questions and I should be ready to take on that exam! When I attend my third meeting in April, I will (hopefully!) be licensed. How exciting! I can't wait to see everyone and get some tips on things. Once I get the license and then the equipment (a transceiver + antenna + antenna tuner + power supply), I will be the owner and control operator of my very own amateur radio station - cool! :) Once I get rights to get on the air, I will be able to tune into Morse code exercises and practice up on cw. Never know when it might come in handy.
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