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Seeking God's will

Oftentimes, I feel troubled that I am not living a directed life. Some people have a future laid upon their heart - in medicine, in ministry, in marketing or some other field. Others feel drawn to a certain place - the place they were meant to be. But I never felt that I had either of these. And this leaves me feeling as though I have no function. Dune describes it as this: "Destroy the place and you destroy the person."

Though these doubts plague me, I know that they are only lies. I have received a calling. It is not a calling to a specific occupation or location, but it is a calling to a new life. Lord, open my eyes to see what Your will is for me!

Love offering.
Jesus sacrificed the glories of heaven to come to earth and live as a man. While he was here, he showed us the full extent of his love. He prayed often, interceding for his friends and enemies. He spent time with people, healed them, taught them, served them, loved them. Though he was perfect, he did not set his thoughts on himself, but on others. He cared for them and concerned himself over them.

Like the priests, like Moses, like Jesus, like Paul, Silas, and Timothy, I can devote myself to intercessory prayers. I can offer my thoughts and prayers to God as an offering of love on the behalf of those I know. God longs for His people to live in love towards one another, serving one another and thinking of them more highly than ourselves. This is something I can do, by God's Spirit. This is something I should do! I've been chosen to serve in a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) together with all the saints, old and new.

Healing tongue.
We are warned in Matthew 12:36 that every idle word will be judged. The tongue is a powerful thing. It can destroy and it can build. I am commanded to use my words as a tool of righteousness.

All of God's words are pure and good, as silver purified seven times by fire (Psalm 12:6). This mouth of mine ought to be filled with these beautiful words, offering praise to the one who spoke them. Such pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones (Proverbs 16:24).

Shining light.
It is not always logical to be thankful. The only reason it is not so is because we see the world through the eyes of mortal flesh. When we see all things through the eyes of God, through faith, our understanding and perspective are completely changed. God wants me to see through His eyes and shine with His light as a lamp in the world, drawing people to His glorious radiance. He wants to bless men and women - so should I! I can reach out to others not in condemnation or selfishness or fear, but in hope and joy. I bear Good News!

There are so many more. But these are enough to keep me focused and busy for a lifetime. What other calling could be as rewarding as growing pure in the sight of God and sharing His grace with the world through a life of obedience?
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