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Techno - Dj Doboy

I was exploring my techno collection today and it brought back a lot of good memories.

In high school, I listened to radio music, soundtracks, and musicals - I didn't even consider giving techno a chance. Then, in my first or second year of college, I met a Chinese-American fellow online who was a big techno fan. He was also sewing a Fremen costume to wear and was asking me whether he should invest in the spice-blue eye contacts. In the end, I don't think he got them. But he did send me a CD of his favorite techno remixes. It was my first experience with techno ...and I was not an instant fan! It took a little while before I started to enjoy it, but now I absolutely love it. Since one remix is an hour long, I can listen to seven in a row and not realize how long I have been working (O_o). That helped me to overcome long school assignments where otherwise I would be constantly checking the clock. It also has a tendency to cheer me up, what with its bouncy pace.

I don't own a lot of techno music, but I did collect nearly all of Dj Doboy's mixes. I have Trancequility 1-37, Vocal editions 1-24, and Special Summer editions 1-4. He made all of his work available free of charge and I downloaded many gigabytes worth. I have enjoyed his work so much over the years and I'll definitely continue to enjoy them!
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