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spring - greyhounds - antennas

Daffodils. They're my favorite flower. They are now in full bloom all around town! They surround my neighbor's house in a glorious field of yellow.

That same neighbor also has a number of greyhounds. I have been looking forward to meeting them for quite a while, and I finally got the chance yesterday. They are such pretty and friendly dogs. The one is brown with stripes, making him look like a tiger. Two of the girls were playing and racing around the green lawn, enjoying the spring weather. If I ever got a dog, I would be tempted to get a greyhound.

A few weeks ago, when there was still snow on the ground, I found a baby pine tree in our backyard. He was just a tiny thing, but so cute. Since discovering him, we have been keeping an eye on him and keeping him hydrated. He seems to be doing all right! Maybe one day he will grow to be a tall blue spruce like his mother (which grows at the edge of our property).

Along with spring comes - you know it - bugs! Yes, the ants love my room this year. They have made their way into my water glass three times already. Now I am guarding my water glass and picking them off just before they get there. I killed four like this the other day during my afternoon work shift. Bad ants.

Today the chaplain took me to Milton to show me how to find the ham clubhouse. The clubhouse is a railroad car that sits in the middle of a field behind a small row of houses. Yes, I don't think I could have found it on my own!
The clubhouse is in need of a cleaning, but the gear impressed me! See the antenna in my icon? It can be found there! It's a big stacked yagi antenna and it can be rotated and pointed in any of the compass directions. While we were out there, we listened in to a MidStates net (meeting on the air) from somewhere out in the Mid-West on HF. It was pretty exciting! I am now getting itchy to get my license... In the meantime, the chaplain gave me a copy of QST to read (the magazine published by America's amateur radio organization - the ARRL). I guess I can poke at that for a while.

The only other news is from work. We are hitting some interoperability problems that are slowing things down for everyone. It's immensely frustrating! But we will work it out. There's still some time left this week...
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