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一期一会: "one time, one meeting."
This refers to Japanese appreciation for the beauty of this moment. It's associated with tea ceremony.

Today. A thunderstorm rolled in from the south, dark grey clouds and white clouds above them rushing past on their way north. They tore by us, flying as banners above the armies. Beneath them, a raw and rich green earth, renewed by the rains. The blossoms are out - tulip trees, flowering pear, Japanese maple. Each has a shade and a texture and a glory of its own. Then, I got to see the cats at my grandparent's house. Their fur is still so soft and their meows are so adorable.

It all brings to mind the song "Wonder" by Lamb. Truly, we are surrounded by a wonderful, powerful, simple miracle. Each moment passes away, so we had better appreciate this wonder while we can!

Life is like a moving picture - each still image is a moment that we can freeze and appreciate if we only make the effort to do so. And in motion, it is an epic drama. Each moment could write its own haiku, its own film, its own novel. Add the moments together and you have a collage of so many colors that even 24-bit truecolor is not enough. Each shade, angle of the line, glow of the smile, orbit of the moon is a wonder. Ah, breathe in this spring!
Tags: art, aspergers, creation, detail, scene

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