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Morse code, moving plans, Red Lobster

I am back to studying Morse Code! This time, I'm using this code practice site. The character and code speed are adjustable and you can select whether to receive sets of letters or text such as callsigns and RSS feeds in code. It's really handy and seems to be working out well so far.

I also ordered a practice key and oscillator kit so I can learn by sending the code. I can't learn well by listening alone, so hopefully I will finally be able to learn the code by practicing to send it myself! Dad and I are going to put the kit together sometime this month. The instructions are in my General manual. There are three capacitors, 4 resistors, a CMOS integrated circuit, some screws and other parts. It's pretty exciting! I will be watching the mail with eagerness.

As for today, I was to see the eye doctor and dentist. The pressure in my eyes is fine and I have no cavities. Hooray! That is a true blessing. I am going to get a new pair of glasses since my prescription did change some. I found a really cute pair of glasses at the store and immediately fell in love with them. They are dark violet with thin frames around the lenses and thick arms. On the arms there is a solid-color white/pink flower pattern. I can't wait for these to arrive in the mail, either!

Tomorrow, my parents and I are headed to Rochester to see my brother. We haven't seen him in a few months, so it will be nice to spend time with him. He recently received two new scholarships, so we are going to splurge and enjoy lunch at Red Lobster! I am really excited. Red Lobster has such tasty food and random lobster decor that is quite entertaining. Maybe we will get to sit under the small rowboat, or maybe we will end up across from the lobster tank. Either way, it's just plain fun to be there. I am dreaming about their cheesy rolls, caesar salad, and grilled fish!

It will be nice to get away from the work and planning that waits for me here at home. We are in the process of getting things set up for my move back to DC for work. It looks like the job, transportation, and housing arrangements are falling in place. Now I just need to get my ham ticket (license) and get a rig in order that will follow all the new housing restrictions. Then, I need to actually pack up all the books and clothes and furniture... Yes, it will be nice to get away for the day and forget about all that needs to be done! :)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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