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My brother has become very interested in ice hockey lately. I think it is contagious!

I have never been a sports fan. Actually, I made special effort to avoid sports, since the loud fans got on my nerves. It's kind of weird to suddenly be jumping up and down for a team! My brother is a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, so I have found myself rattling off their names and numbers and listening carefully when I catch a news report on them. It's really been surprising...and fun!

Since I am going to be relocating to DC, I may start following the Washington Capitals. My brother has given his approval of this so long as I do not become a wild fan of Ovechkin. Well, we will just have to see! I told him that if the Flyers play in DC, he should come down and we will ride the metro's Red line from my apartment to the Verizon Center to watch the game. This could be tricky if I am rooting for the home team and he is not! In any case, Matt and I are close enough that I don't expect hockey rivalry to send us into a fight...
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