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NLP tool
This is a handy Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that is geared toward helping users search for information and navigate the articles in Wikipedia. NLP is what that my company is using in our program, so this is pretty interesting.

With this tool, you can search by word, phrase, or question. In addition to the article itself, the results display an outline and quick facts pulled out from the article. At the top, it creates a tag cloud of important objects and actions in the article. Clicking on any of these links from the outline, facts, or word cloud take you right to the spot they appear. This kind of tool is nice because it summarizes and breaks down large bodies of text and displays them in a number of different ways. Our program will also process, sort, and display information in ways that will make it much easier for the user to get the information they need. Not only will it be easier, it will be faster! Since "information overload" is a serious issue, efficiency is a very important goal.

This is what information architecture is all about: organizing, arranging, and displaying information in new useful ways.
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