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Confusion sense

Even after sitting down, I feel like I am spinning in circles! That is how today feels.
I spent four hours on the phone reviewing the results of the program with my boss today and after that dad and I tried to assemble the code practice oscillator kit. The oscillator is not yet working, but we haven't given up. We're going to check all the connections and then the CMOS tomorrow to be sure that nothing went awry. Tomorrow I'll be working with my team again on the program to see if we can get higher precision performance. While that is going on, the Flyers will play game 5 against the Penguins. Meanwhile, silverware is being bagged and stacked in the kitchen, the solder gun and tools are scattered over the living room table, and my amateur radio books have been sitting on the sofa for a few days. All day I've been reminding myself that it is Saturday, because I keep thinking that it is Friday.

I've been trying to find out whether any of the DC area repeaters offer code practice on 2 meters, but I haven't found anything. They probably do not. There's a couple Echolink gateways, though.

Sandworms of Dune is sitting on the desk, but I don't know why I borrowed it from the library since I knew I wouldn't have time to read it. I hate to leave the library empty-handed, though. There's a new set of rocks & minerals next to it that dad found at a yard sale. They have a sample of Amazonstone and one of yellow calcite that makes me smile.

Have I checked my email lately? Did they schedule that radio exam yet?... No, but I got pictures from the Emergency Fair! That's me at the radio in the icon there. I sat for a long time reviewing the instruction manual and figuring out which button did what. When 4pm finally rolled around, I didn't want to leave it!
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