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Cable: does my budget provide for that?

To get cable or not to get cable? That is the question.
I don't like TV all that much, but I will be sad to miss all those good hockey games. Now, here is a plan: save money by not getting cable and use that same money to go to a live Capitals game every month! That sounds pretty good to me.

I'm drawing up a budget in Excel to help me keep track of my money. Since I got the equations set, the values adjust automatically whenever the smallest detail is changed. It's quite handy. It's also kind of sobering to lay out all my, transportation, food, insurance, internet service, student loans, membership fees to scholarly associations, my livejournal subscription, and all the other random stuff that I will want to buy (amateur receiver, gifts for the holidays, merchandise at those Capitals games, CDs, Bible concordance, etc). Hopefully the budget will remind me to spend my money thoughtfully!
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