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Little victories

Last Thursday my brother came back from college. He got to spend a week here at home for the first time in a long while. We spent a lot of time with family - a day in Gettysburg, Memorial day in Newky, Tuesday night with the Browns. We also played some hockey, watched some Red Wings hockey, and visited with an former high school & neighbor friend who is in the Navy.

This past Thursday we moved Matt into his summer apartment in NY state. His apartment is pretty spacious and is located in a quiet neighborhood. There are a lot of great restaurants nearby. Once I saw the Friendly's right next to the Pizza Hut I grew extremely jealous! We're hoping things will work out well for him at his summer job. I think they will :)

This past Wednesday I finally got the chance to take my ham radio exams. And I passed them both! Now I just have to wait for my call sign...

The same day, dad won me a set of 10 vintage hats and a hat holder at a local auction for under $15. Some of them I plan to wear and some will probably go on display once I settle into a place permanently.

The clouds outside to the east are very grand and billowing. The bases are growing red while the tops are still bright white. They are casting shadows on themselves as they stretch across the line of the sky.

Despite all the packing, moving, test-taking, visiting, and eating, there has somehow been enough time to fit in some work. I have more to do tomorrow, but it is a good start.

We pack the next two days and then it's my turn to move. I can barely keep track of things!
Tags: ham radio, hats, hockey, home, work

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