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I'll take two

After my first day of work at the Library of Congress, I got out early from orientation and made my way to radio shack. I needed a headphones adapter plug and some fresh 9V batteries for the code oscillator I am borrowing. I got it last night, but didn't have the wire, battery, or headphone plug. Last night dad talked me through the process of stripping wires so I could use the wires from the currently non-functioning oscillator and apply them to the heath kit. I accidentally cut the first wire I tried to strip, but the next time the insulation came off just fine.

This afternoon, I got back with my plug and batteries and immediately set to fixing the kit. I got out the screwdriver and pulled the board out to take a look. Yep, the battery needed replaced. With a new battery and the headphones plugged in, I wired up the key and held my breath...

And from the headphones came sound!

It worked! The circuit still works even after all this time. Now I will finally be able to practice sending the code. I couldn't do it before because the clicking noise of the key doesn't tell you whether you just tapped a "dit" or held a "dah".

By the way, work did go pretty well. Orientation is always tiring, and I did get more paperwork to do tonight, but we did get a tour of the Library and I got to meet some nice people. The worst part of the day was walking home in 100 degree heat! Whew!
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